Why choose ROKBOX?

ROKBOX is an award winning crate specifically designed to reduce the environmental impact, risk and cost of shipping and storing high value art.

ROKBOX affords superior protection against shock, drop, puncture, water and vibration than traditional wooden cases.

ROKBOX is reusable and recyclable, dramatically reducing the waste generated by artwork packaging. It is carbon neutral upon delivery and due to its lighter weight, its carbon footprint when in transit is also lower than wooden equivalents.

ROKBOX is designed to be comparable in price to good quality wooden crates. Its versatility, robust and reusable nature means that ROKBOX will also save you money.

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Yes. ROKBOX has filed 5 patents registered in the leading countries that are involved in artwork transportation and storage. We shall continue to file new patents as we develop further innovative technical solutions.

ROKBOX are currently designed, manufactured and sold from the UK but we ship anywhere in the world. Please speak to a member of the ROKBOX team for a tailored shipping estimate.

We shall soon be announcing details of ROKBOX stockists in different regions. If you are interested in becoming a ROKBOX stockist in your local region, please contact a member of the ROKBOX team.

ROKBOX is available to rent from a number of reputable fine art shippers around the world. These include Apice, Chenue, Gander & White, Martinspeed, Dietl International, Mtab and Crown Fine Art.

Please contact the above shippers directly to discuss ROKBOX rental or contact the ROKBOX team if your preferred shipper is not listed or if you have questions.

Yes! ROKBOX are working on more products to reduce the environmental impact, risk and cost of shipping and storing high value art.

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The design of ROKBOX was made with longevity and robustness in mind. We offer a one year ROKBOX warranty.

Please contact a member of our team for more information.

Please see our product page to determine which size of ROKBOX will best accommodate your artwork.

For questions please contact a member of our team.

ROKBOX have two patented hardware systems available for purchase.

For more information regarding either system, Please see our product page or contact a member of the ROKBOX team with your enquiry.

According to our research, ROKBOX can be stored for approximately 2 ½ years in fine art storage before costs compare to those to make a replacement wooden crate. This means that if you reuse ROKBOX even just once during approx 2 ½ years you will have saved money.

Whilst we always advocate the use of fine art shippers when handling artwork, moving ROKBOX when empty by common carrier is also an option.

The common refrain of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle directly applies to ROKBOX:

ROKBOX reduces the amount of single use / artwork-specific crates that need to be made.

ROKBOX is specifically designed with reuse in mind, hence no need for internal refit when replacing one artwork within with another, even if they vary in size.

All ROKBOX components can be recycled at the end of the crate’s lifecycle, including the plastic!

It is a common misnomer that all plastic is bad for the environment. In fact plastic – when used and disposed of responsibly – is part of the solution to mountains of waste!

So responsible is our approach that Julie’s Bicycle ‘Culture Beyond Plastic: Understanding and Eliminating Problem Plastics’ study identifies ROKBOX as an innovative solution. 

You can read their briefing for yourself here