Technical Overview

Download ROKBOX Product Guidelines containing usage instructions and detailed specifications.

ROXBOX features


In March 2019, ROKBOX won an award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. ROKBOX received the Red Dot: Best of the Best, the top distinction in the competition. It is granted for ground-breaking design.


We have designed and tested multiple generations of ROKBOX to deliver superior protection against traditional high specification wooden crates.

Environmental benefits

The world is fighting climate change and in response new technologies and habits are being adopted globally across industries and borders. ROKBOX offers a more environmental packaging solution for the art world: a reusable crate, that's easy to use, built for long life and utilises recycled or recyclable materials.

Economical benefits

A ROKBOX costs similar to a high specification wooden crate, with rapid payback against purchase costs when reused. It is easier and quicker to handle, pack and unpack and can be used without additional packaging.

Easy to use

Available off the shelf. No need to wait.

109 x 109 x 28 cm
43 x 43 x 11 inches

159 x 159 x 34 cm
62 12 x 62 12  x 13 38 inches

Coming soon
159 x 219 x 34 cm
62 12 x 86 14 x 13 38 inches

Coming soon
219 x 219 x 34 cm
86 14 x 86 14 x 13 38 inches

Coming soon
219 x 298 x t.b.c. cm
86 14 x 117 38 x t.b.c inches

Coming soon
298 x 298 x t.b.c. cm
117 38 x 117 38 x t.b.c inches