Why choose ROKBOX?

A ROKBOX offers superior protection and is easier to use. It protects against shock, puncture, water and vibration and is superior to traditional wooden cases.

Because a ROKBOX is reusable, adjustable and recyclable, it will also dramatically reduce the environmental impact of artwork packaging. Fewer cases will need to be commissioned, less packaging will be used inside those that are, and the volume of waste to landfill will be less.

Yes. ROKBOX has 4 UK patents pending; when issued these will also be registered in the main countries that are involved in artwork transportation and storage.

ROKBOX is available to a limited number of leading arts organisations early in 2019 with a wider commercial launch to follow later in the year.

For enquiries, please contact us.

During the limited launch, ROKBOXES will be available selected locations in the UK, mainland Europe and USA. For other locations please contact us.

ROKBOX will release additional products in 2019.

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