The days of throwing things away are OVER

ROKBOX reduces your carbon footprint in 5 major areas

1. Zero Waste

No waste goes to a landfill + zero single use internal packaging required.

2. Lighter

ROKBOX is > 90% lighter than traditional wooden crates. 90% less energy needed to move them. 90% less CO2.

3. Recyclable

Each material in our crate can be recycled and made back into more ROKBOX or other equally useful products.

4. Reuseable

No more days of throwing single use items away. That now includes really huge pieces of packaging.

5. Carbon Neutral

We carbon offset the energy required to make and ship ROKBOX to you. This means that it is 100% carbon neutral upon delivery.


No one puts their valuables in a wooden safe

ROKBOX has been proven to protect your art more against 5 major factors*

1. Vibration
2. Shock, Drop & Topple
3. Water Shower & Flood
4. Temperature & Humidity
5. Forklift Punctures

*Each test ROKBOX undertook was rigorously benchmarked in an independent testing facility also used by the military and aeronautical industry, as well as validated by an independent academic at a leading university.

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Unique design provides outstanding protection during shipping and storage

Designed in collaboration with conservators, registrars, artists, fine art technicians, fine art shippers, environmental scientists, industrial designers and specialist insurers.

Rigorously benchmark tested in an independent testing facility, validated by an independent academic.
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